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Thank you, Naughty Dog. It’s been a pleasure growing up with you.

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Sam Pepper Hatred..

I have strong hatred for Sam Pepper, The British comedian youtuber age of 25, He’s Sexually Assaulted many girls, in the Los Angeles Area, He Has walked up to Random girls, Late teens to Mid twenties, Asked for they’re Numbers and twitter handles, He has Grabbed their butts, and has forced them to kiss him, And Don’t say it isn’t true because there is multiple videos At his youtube channel, Two days ago a 19 year old girl posted a video where she comes out and tells what sam pepper has done to her, It’s rather triggering. 
He has asked for pictures from them, He needs to be taken off the internet for good.

Sam Pepper - The Real “Reveal” (Warning: Explicit Content)-

A Cautionary Tale | thisbedottie-


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its like boys are the oscars and im leonardo dicaprio

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"Who gives a shit if you don’t finish college. Who gives a shit if you marry young. Who gives a shit if you say ‘fuck the world’ and go against everything your parents want. Do what makes YOU happy. And don’t you dare give a shit about what anybody else thinks."

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